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The Passover Seder… oh the...

Passover Seder

As some of you may or may not know Easter is coming up… and so is Passover which this year falls on the same dates.

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Economics for dummies

Economics for dummies

Failure has never been as consistent of a part of my life until my recent foray into the brand new world of Harvard online classes.

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The local weather… back in London

the local weather... in London

There is nothing like going to the middle of New York’s worse snow storm to appreciate the local weather here in London.. it’s positively balmy!

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A New York snow storm, again

New York snow storm, again

You know how I was saying that New Yorkers are prone to hyperbole…. well they are for the most time but this might be one for the books- an exception! There are no two ways to go about saying it: the weather is atrocious.

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I want to...