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New York facts: Baby it’s freezing!

New York facts: Baby it's freezing outside

Needless to say that I have never considered London a bastion of warmth or a tropical haven if you will. But that was before I started get the New York facts transatlantically: baby it’s freezing out there!

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Old habits die hard

old habits die hard

I have found myself trying to change a number of things in my life, well, now. What do they say, sooner rather than never? Right?

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A snow report

A snow report

I am away… out for a couple of lunches as it were. For those of you interested in a snow report however I can assure you that in that respect, Switzerland has treated me well…

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Current events in the world

concerns in

There is nothing like current events in the world to keep me chugging along in early February.

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I want to...