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Scotland votes yay or nay

scotland votes yay or nay

For those of you that have been living under a rock, Scotland votes next week on whether to stay in the United Kingdom of which it’s been a part of for 307 years or secede. Poof! It essentially wants to become its own country.

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Unusual things to do in Paris

Things to do in Paris

We know, we know: Paris is all about fashion and food. That said, for those of you are into a different kind of experience here is a list of things to do in Paris for a je-ne-sais-quoi experience beyond the usual finds.

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How to find French food in Paris

How to find French food in Paris

I always wanted to believe that Paris can be the city of lights, culture and French food. That said, if you have been there as often as I have you quickly come to the realization that the French capital is also a place where foreigners and tourists are taken advantage of…

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Equestrian experiences in Switzerland

Equestrian experiences in Switzerland

Needless to say that I had started with bad good intentions: this was most of all meant to be a weekend of rest and relaxation in the Swiss countryside.

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I want to...