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Summer vacations- getting over the guilt


There is nothing like proper summer vacations. And I don’t mean the two day getaway type but rather the proper sun and sand and margherita by the sea experience.

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Weather forecast: a heat wave

What it feels like in the UK

There is nothing like restarting the Rambling Muse with a bout of quintessential complaining about the British weather.

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London Summer Weather Forecast: Not

London Summer Weather Forecast

It been a very hectic few weeks of travel but I have thankfully returned to grey and definitively not summery London. Boy it’s good to be here!

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The duchess in the news… again

The duchess or elections?

Having been abroad last week, I could not help but notice that foreign media was unsurprisingly slightly skewed towards the Duchess’s everlasting pregnancy rather than… say… the elections also going on in our country.

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I want to...