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L’etranger: amazing high end french japanese fusion restaurant in London

etranger french japanese restaurant London

36 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4QT

There is no doubt about it, l’etranger definitively comes as one of the best fall surprises thus far especially when it comes to London’s high end restaurants. Though I thought I had tried it all (or at least most of it), this gem of a South Kensington restaurant put all my Asian fusion doubts into question and blew my taste buds away.

A French restaurant with a Japanese twist on things, l’etranger manages to keep dishes light and restrained which is feat considering how these kinds of mixes sometimes go out of control. All the dishes we tried on the dinner menu were a revelation in themselves, even the simplest and unassuming ones. The homemade tofu was legitimately Japanese in texture and style, the burrata salad with five tomatoes amazing and the wagyu beef tartare splendid. With dishes starting from 8£ to 20£ for starters and 15£ to 65£ for main dishes, l’etranger works for special occasions mostly though its 14£ for 2 dishes and 18£ for 3 dishes offer at lunch time does make it more price accessible. 3 piggies and a vegetarian carrot!

More fusion places you liked? Tell me all about them below!

VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Vegetarian Friendly

PIG RATING: 3 Pigs :)

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  1. Simple but interesting blog post I must say. I’ve just added your RSS to my google reader! =)

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