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Downton Abbey: a wonderful British period drama

downton Abbey television british drama

Downton Abbey

Though I usually go down the reality television or documentary route when it comes to entertainment, Downton Abbey may redeem me a little bit. Set in the years just before the Great War in the fictional estate of Downton Abbey, this widely popular television series follows the trials and tribulations of the aristocratic Crawley family and their many servants.

It’s too complicated to go into all the first season’s twist and turns but suffice to say that Downton Abbey starts with the news of the Titanic drowning the estate’s only (male) heir and the eldest daughter’s, Lady Mary, consequent search for the appropriate husband to continue the family lineage. One of the most expensive series made with each episode costing around 1 million pounds, you can bet on the wonderful intricacies of the set, costumes, decor and most importantly great acting notably in the form of Maggie Smith. If you like old aristocratic England, Pride and Prejudice and the likes, Downton Abbey is not one to miss with Season 1 on DVD and Itunes and Season 2 starting september 18th in the UK. 3 piggies for sure!

Not sure about the second season though… what do you guys think?

Maggie Smith below!

PIG RATING: 3 Pigs :)

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