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Deliverance: a great and healthy food delivery service for central london

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Deliverance's Cobb Salad

London is probably not best known for its food delivery services… In fact, as far as I know, there aren’t many of them and if you are not in the mood for a pizza, you are out of luck… This is where Deliverance comes in and saves, well maybe not the day but at least dinner.

Deliverance is a delivery service that makes the food fresh and that gets it to you, warm or toasty in the case of their pizzas in about 45 minutes. The ingredients they use are good, the prices decent especially if you order a set meal for 4 or 6 people and the variety great. Ranging from Indian to Thai, Chinese and Japanese as well as the usual Western fare and many more, there is something for everyone, even for the dedicated vegetarian. Is every dish a discovery on its own? Perhaps not, but if you are in jam and need something more than the crusty old peanut butter in your cupboard, Deliverance more than does the job but, mind you, in some locations, just for dinner time. That said, their Central (Farrington) kitchen does provide lunch all week while their Canary Wharf service delivers from 11 am onwards on weekends. 2 piggies and a vegetarian carrot.

Any other great delivery services I should be talking about? Which ones?

VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Vegetarian Friendly

PIG RATING: 2 Pigs :|

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