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Best of trashy reality television shows

There is nothing wrong with trashy television except for maybe denying your love for it! With the snow falling outside, what could be better than watching down low nitty gritty tv? Without further ado, here are my guilty pleasure shows.


Rachel Zoe Project

Is she smart? Stupid? Does it even matter? Her life as a stylist to the stars and now budding fashion designer is entertaining as hell and her clueless husband and cute baby don’t hurt the show either. Most of all is the drama-rama that surrounds every dress decision that keeps the show fresh- and funny.

It’s a Brad Brad world

Centered around Brad, Rachel Zoe’s ex-assistant who dared to risk her wrath and start his own styling business (and steal some of her clients), Brad Brad World is a more even-tempered and gayer version of the Rachel Zoe show. While the Rachel Zoe Show is definitely my #1 choice in terms of entertainment, Brad is a good enough substitute.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It’s wild, wicked and Hollywood-esque. With a cast including an alcoholic battling addiction, a wife victim of spousal abuse and a whole motley crue of other dramatic women, there is no lack of drama in this show that goes up and down and even around.

Bethenny Ever After

If you ever wondered about New York insanity or why I live in London, watch Bethenny. It’s the best and worse of the big apple with women who are so driven that they succeed professionally at the cost of their (and their family’s) sanity. Still, it’s fun stuff to watch!


Say yes to the dress

It’s sad and thus funny. A show that centers itself around women seeking the “perfect” wedding dress, it’s bridezilla meets women desperately in need of medication or at the very least therapy. It’s also a way to see all the terrible cupcake dresses out there.

Kourtney and Kim take New York

Did Kourtney marry Kris for the show and the money to be made from the syndication of their wedding ceremony? Well, from watching the unravelling of their marriage on the above, it’s hard to say. I will say that I am jealous of her constantly perfect hair and make-up on what, after all, is meant to be “reality” tv.

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