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An abbreviated history of Thanksgiving

The history of thanksgiving

Amongst all of this great feast preparation which I am not really celebrating is the odd question I cannot help but ponder, wonder and muse. How did the history of Thanksgiving get so distorted?

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Finding my British stiff upper lip

finding my british stiff upper lip

Is there anything worse than the cold that just never creeps away? Well maybe just my ever increasing British stiff upper lip which led me to delay medical advice until there was basically no point in going..

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It’s November: how many days until...

It's November: how many days until Christmas?

I now find myself wondering “what next?” More specifically “how many days until Christmas?” You see, unlike you fellow Americans we Europeans have nothing between now and the season I equate with drinking, partying, being merry and opening your presents.

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Modern dating games….

does anyone call anymore?

Though dating is not really a subject I usually like to broach on the Rambling Muse, there is something to be said for modern dating games and the lack of calling that is going on nowadays…

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I want to...