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Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

The attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Paris in general feel like one on a very old friend… That said, it is of course more than just that. It’s an assault on freedom of speech as represented in the age old tradition of satire.

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Unusual things to do in Paris

Things to do in Paris

We know, we know: Paris is all about fashion and food. That said, for those of you are into a different kind of experience here is a list of things to do in Paris for a je-ne-sais-quoi experience beyond the usual finds.

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How to find French food in Paris

How to find French food in Paris

I always wanted to believe that Paris can be the city of lights, culture and French food. That said, if you have been there as often as I have you quickly come to the realization that the French capital is also a place where foreigners and tourists are taken advantage of…

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Breakfast in Paris at Claus

breakfast in Paris

Finding breakfast in Paris is a bit akin to stumbling upon the Mona Lisa without thousands of tourists crowded around taking pictures. It’s not going to happen perchance and unless you are invited by the Louvre management, it takes some careful and precise planning.

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